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Thiel College-The Death Penalty

Thiel College-Comment Project 1

Why is there a death penalty?


Anonymous said...

Student No. 8

Theoretically, the death penalty exists for a number of reasons. The death penalty exists due to its historical significance, for the purpose of punishment, and for the purpose of deterrence. In terms of historical significance, the death penalty essentially can be traced back as far as the 18th Century B.C., but could have been utilized for less serious crimes. The tradition carried on as time moved forward, but the penalty became limited to punishment for more serious crimes. Throughout time, the death penalty has adapted to the changing culture. The methodology typically used is vastly different from that of Babylonian times. The second reason for the death penalty's continual existence is for punishment purposes. The death penalty is used as a potential punishment in capital murder cases. In situations in which the criminal is convicted of first degree murder with an aggravating factor, the death penalty can be used. This punishment is potentially aimed at criminals that have little to no remorse for their murderous actions. Finally, the death penalty exists as a deterrence mechanism. Theoretically, individuals would be less likely to consider murdering another individual if their actions could result in their own death. Most criminals value their own life compared to anyone else's and would be less likely to act in a way that would put their life on the line.

Anonymous said...

Student No. 7,

There are many reasons why we have the death penalty. Before, the death penalty served as a punishment for over twenty different crimes and now it is served mainly for first degree murders. There is always the classic eye for an eye, money issues, and that it morally makes sense to why we have the death penalty. Today, the main reasons why we have the death penalty is deterrence, retribution, and incapacitation. The fear of being put on death row usually scares a person enough not to commit first degree murder. The idea of retribution is mainly for revenge because it seeks justice for the victims. Lastly, incapacitation is done so that the killer never kills again. In other words, incapacitation is killing the killer.

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Student #3

The death penalty as we know it in the United States is a form of capital punishment. Ultimately as discussed in class it comes down to the discussion of certain individuals and how they should be treated for their crimes. Some people are brutally violent, they are repeat offenders, they kill without remorse, and they do everything possible to be as offensive and upsetting as possible. These people make us question if they should even be alive after their actions. An eye for an eye is a point brought up often, this is what justice has been interpreted to be since Hammurabi made it so. The death penalty, in it's current form exists because it has been a part of government regulation for thousands of years. Although it has been adapted for each culture, it is hard to argue that thousands of years of precedence did not help shape the death penalty. I would argue that today it is the ultimate punishment within the American criminal justice system, and it is generally thought to be necessary only for the worst crimes.

Anonymous said...

Student #12

The death penalty is a form of justice for the victims families. It also is a way to show other people who do horrible things to other human beings that this is what happens to those who are sick individuals. I believe that the reason the United States has the death penalty is because the country needs to know the rules if they decide to go on a killing spree. Killing without sympathy like most of the inmates on death row is not excusable and they need to be punished. I don't think living in jail is that punishment at all. The taxpayers and the hard workers in the U.S. shouldn't be paying for them to just sit there all day with the crimes they have committed. They need to learn the lesson and have the others know that it isn't right to kill another human being. It isn't right to just sit in jail, if they took a human out of the world then the world should take them out as well.

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Student #1
The death penalty is a form of justice that has been around for centuries. It serves as a way of giving the victim's family a sense of justice and preventing the individual who took the life of one of their family members. The death penalty is a way of also showing those who do wrong this the consequence. It is used for those who kill without sympathy or remorse. The death penalty is something that showcases retribution being able to take those who have murdered and face the harsh consequences of their actions.

Anonymous said...

Student 13
The death penalty is used for certain situations. There are certain crimes that should not be forgiven. There are criminals who are so bad that we should not be using hard earned tax money to keep then in prison for the rest of their lives. If you have a problem with the death penalty don't commit the crimes. Imagine someone murdering your loved one for no reason. Should that person just sit in jail fully fed, entertained, and alive, while you have to suffer and your loved one had to suffer. Death penalty is used for those who are so ruthless and have a future threat on society especially those that want to, and will kill again.

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Anonymous said...

Student #10
The reason why there is the death penalty is that humans all think that the life is the most important value, therefore, the best way to punish someone who has commited the worst crime such as murder is to take away their lives. Furthermore, everyone fears death so that those potential criminals who are tempted to murder people would hesitate their decision knowing the fact that they are going to have to pay it back by getting their lives taken away by the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

student #11
The death penalty is also worth its existence. The death penalty is necessary for 'potential criminals', not for those who have already committed crimes. people do not commit crimes because they are afraid of the 'death penalty'. The fact that the death penalty is in the law has a symbolic meaning, which can be expected to reduce the crime rate. It is like an alert camera with a non-functioning surveillance camera.
The death penalty also reduces the cost of running prisons by eliminating the most criminal offenders in prisons. Also, since Korean prisons are operated by the government, the prison costs increase as the number of prison guards increases, and the citizens who do not commit any crime have to pay for the cost.

Anonymous said...

student # 9
I think that death penalty is necessary. Because anybody shouldn't kill people, If someone have killed a person, he have already broken the basic rule. That’s why it is not worth protecting him. And by executing the death penalty, other felonies can be prevented. I think that the death penalty should not be easy, but is should be executed in the case of serious crimes.

student #6 said...

Student #6 I think the death penalty is something that is very much needed. If you take someone else's life, then the only punishment is yours in return. Especially if you killed several people. If we use the death penalty more I think we will see the murder rate in the US go down drastically. I think the death penalty is something we should use more often, it is a worthy enough punishment for somebody who has taken a life or lives.

Anonymous said...

Student #14

The Death Penalty was put in place as a deterrent for crime, it was meant to discourage crime by scaring people by using death as a way of punishment. The problem is that the Death Penalty doesn't serve its purpose any longer. People will commit murder either way and will not think of the consequences. The death penalty is now used as closure for the victim's family, while still trying to act as a deterrent to capital punishment.

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