Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chicago: Police stops down 90%, homicide up 50%

Chicago’s former police superintendent blamed the city’s rise in homicides —including 11 over the Christmas weekend — on political pushback against police stops and other proactive measures to curb the ongoing violence, reported the New York Daily-News.
Garry McCarthy, Chicago’s former police superintendent, noted Tuesday in an interview with the Daily News that the number of police stops is down by nearly 90 percent this year compared to last.
Also, the department no longer holds CompStat meetings to focus on crime hot spots, he said.
“We have completely flipped the script where we investigate police and not criminals,” said McCarthy, a Bronx native who once served as the NYPD’s deputy commissioner of operations under then-Police Commissioner Howard Safir during the early 2000s.
 “And as a result, we are reaching a lawless state in this country.” said McCarthy.
Chicago police say more than 40 people were shot over the holiday weekend.
The number of people shot in Chicago this year reached more than 4,300 and the number of homicides to 770. Last year, there were 2,989 shooting victims and 492 murders.

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