Thursday, June 14, 2018

SCOTUS to examine juvenile interrogations today

Decades ago, the Supreme Court articulated that courts should evaluate teenagers' confessions with special care, because kids aren't able to cope with the psychological challenges of police interrogation in the same way adults do, reported CNN.
On June 14, the court will consider whether this requirement is still sound when it meets behind closed doors and discusses whether to take up the case of Brendan Dassey, an intellectually impaired Wisconsin boy who, according to his lawyers, gave a coerced confession to murder at age 16.
Dassey became famous after his story was featured in Netflix's "Making a Murderer." His videotaped interrogation was unforgettable: police falsely promised Dassey he'd be set free if he confessed and then coached him on how the crime unfolded when he was unable to guess even the most basic details. Shockingly, Dassey remains imprisoned for life after a federal appeals court ruled that his confession should not be thrown out.
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