Friday, February 23, 2018

The “good guy” with a gun never entered Stoneman Douglas H.S. to confront mass killer

Eight days after a man armed with an AR-15 murdered 17 people inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Broward’s top cop revealed a stunning series of failures by the sheriff’s department, reported the Miami Herald.
A school campus cop heard the gunfire, rushed to the building but never went inside — instead waiting outside for another four agonizing minutes as the slaughter continued.
And long before the killer embarked on the worst school shooting in Florida history, Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies had multiple warnings that the 19-year-old was a violent threat and a potential school shooter, according to records released.
In November, a tipster called BSO to say the killer “could be a school shooter in the making” but deputies did not write up a report on that warning. It came just weeks after a relative called urging BSO to seize his weapons. 
Two years ago, according to a newly released timeline of interactions with the killer’s family, a deputy investigated a report that he “planned to shoot up the school” — intelligence that was forwarded to the school’s resource officer, with no apparent result.
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