Tuesday, February 27, 2018

PA GOP doesn't like new congressional map, call for impeachment of justices

In a sign of Republican mobilization, Pennsylvania’s most senior elected Republican, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, delivered a blistering verbal attack  just as fellow Republicans filed papers in federal courts seeking to block the new districts, reported The Associated Press.
The state court’s decision, Toomey told reporters, is a “blatant, unconstitutional partisan power grab that undermines our electoral process.” He did nothing to tamp down impeachment talk, calling it a conversation that state lawmakers should have.
Talk of impeaching a justice is rare in Pennsylvania, so rare that it did not arise even as three justices left the bench amid scandals in the past five years.
“Their reaction right now is rather bizarre. It’s not befitting people in those positions to say, ‘when we get a decision we don’t like, let’s impeach the judges,’” Doyle said. “We’re not a nation that operates that way. We’re a nation of laws.”
In any case, impeachment talk may be little more than saber-rattling.
Pennsylvania lawmakers have started an impeachment process a number of times, but successfully impeached a public official just once since 1803, according to the House parliamentarian. That was ex-Supreme Court Justice Rolf Larsen in 1994 — after he was ejected from the bench by a criminal conviction.
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