Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Students motivated to stop gun violence plan march on Washington

Michael Udine, a county commissioner in Broward County, which includes Parkland, talked to President Trump Saturday, according t the Washington Post, telling him that students “are extremely motivated and well spoken and they are going to be demanding change in Washington and Tallahassee. . . . The president said, ‘Well, I would welcome that.’­ ”
Udine said Trump was thoughtful on the call and repeatedly expressed
David Hogg survived the Florida shooting and is demanding that Congress take action to stop it from happening again. 
“Any politician who is coming to just talk or just to give their thoughts and prayers, that’s not needed,” Udine said. “Thoughts and prayers are not good enough anymore.”
The students said they are organizing “March for Our Lives” rallies in Washington and other major U.S. cities on March 24 to demand action on curbing gun violence.
About 20 students have launched “Never Again MSD,” a group that will push for changes in gun laws. The rallies are being planned with help from various groups, including organizers of the Women’s March, and have gained support from several prominent Democrats and gun-control groups, according to Alex Wind, one of the student organizers.
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