Thursday, October 22, 2015

Starting today Pennsylvania's attorney general can't practice law

The day begins in Pennsylvania with an attorney general whose license to practice law has been suspended.  Kathleen Kane, the state's top law enforcement official, is under indictment for perjury and related offenses, for allegedly leaking secret grand jury information to embarrass political foes.

She told her office yesterday that it would be business as usual in the AG's office, except the AG cannot appear in court, sign any official documents or make tactical decisions that would otherwise require the right to practice law.

In the meantime, she has suggested that she will release some additional porn emails that have to date resulted in the resignation of a Supreme Court justice, a cabinet member of the former governor and a member of the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. The new emails are targeted at a second Supreme Court justice.

Don't forget this whole thing started over the sexual assault investigation of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. Stay tuned this scandal is begging for prime time as a made for TV movie.

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