Saturday, November 24, 2018

Texas has more executions in 2018 than the rest of the country combined

More than any other place in the United States, Huntsville is the capital of capital punishment, reported the New York Times. All of the 556 men and women Texas has executed since 1982 by lethal injection and all of the 361 inmates it electrocuted from 1924 to 1964 were killed here in the same prison in the same town, at the red-brick Walls Unit. Texas accounts for nearly 40 percent of the nation’s executions.
So many people have been put to death and so often — in January 2000, seven people were executed in 15 days — that people here take little notice.
Former Gov. Rick Perry ordered 279 executions during his administration (2001-2014), more than any other governor in U.S. history. Executions peaked in Texas in 2000, when 40 people were put to death. Perry a staunch defender of the state’s record, saying that “in Texas for a substantially long period of time, our citizens have decided that if you kill our children, if you kill our police officers, for those very heinous crimes, that the appropriate punishment is the death penalty.” He said on NBC’s Meet the Press, “I’m confident that the way that the executions are taken care of in the state of Texas are appropriate.”
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