Saturday, December 29, 2012

Illinois prison crowding plan: "Not a single inmate released'

More than six months have passed since Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn approved legislation designed to ease overcrowding in the state’s bursting-at-the-seams prison system, reported the Quad-City Times.

But the new law, approved by lawmakers last spring and signed by Quinn last summer, has not yet resulted in a single inmate being sent home early.

Rather, bureaucrats at the Illinois Department of Corrections and an obscure panel of lawmakers are still working out the rules that could someday put the release of prisoners in motion.

And although Quinn is in the process of squeezing more prisoners into less space by closing prisons in Tamms and Dwight, officials say they don’t know when the program might begin.

“There is no firm timetable set for the implementation at this time,” said a DOC spokeswoman.

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