Monday, November 28, 2011

Penn State: Is Missing DA a Case of Suicide?

Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar disappeared in 2005. Now, Penn State is in the midst of imploding as the result of a salacious sex scandal and cover-up. Gricar disappearance has been linked to Penn State. In 1998, Gricar decline to prosecute assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky the guy in the center of the Penn State fire storm. Was it murder, did Gricar run away to avoid a difficult investigation and prosecution or could it have been suicide.

The New York Times recently reported that back on April 15, 2005 Gricar took a day off from work. At about 11:30 a.m., he called his girlfriend, Patricia Fornicola, to say he was taking a drive on Route 192. About 12 hours later, she reported him missing.

The next day, Gricar’s Mini Cooper was found in a parking lot in Lewisburg, about 50 miles from his home in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Gricar’s cellphone was in the car, but not his laptop, wallet or keys, which were never recovered, reported the Times.

Months later, the laptop was found in the Susquehanna River without its hard drive, which was discovered later. It was too damaged to yield any information. On the fourth anniversary of his disappearance, investigators revealed that a search of his home computer yielded a history of Internet searches for phrases like “how to wreck a hard drive,” according to a report at the time in The Centre Daily Times.

Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht said he believes the disappearance of Gricar is somehow linked to the Penn State sex scandal and cover-up. But not in the way you might imagine.

Gricar decided not to prosecute Jerry Sandusky in 1998, despite having enough evidence to do so. Wecht told WPXI-TV guilt could have drove Gricar to suicide. "It might have stopped this. I might have kept other children from being victimized. So you do have a plausible suicidal scenario," Wecht said.

Wecht’s suicide theory might not be that far fetched. Roy Gricar was Ray Gricar’s brother. He lived in Ohio and also disappeared. His car was also abandoned next to a river.

Roy disappeared in 1996, and eventually, the body turned up as well. According to, Roy Gricar was found a few days later in the Great Miami River outside of Dayton, Ohio. Joggers found his body about a mile downstream from his abandoned car. The coroner ruled it a suicide, a lonely and tragic end for a man who had been diagnosed as bipolar.

Ray Gricar was declared dead this summer by a Centre County court. Ray’s disappearance and Roy’s death seem eerily similar. If we knew more about Ray Gricar could we gain some insight into this revived mystery? Could we put to rest the Penn State Connection?

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JBQ said...

Dateline for Friday, December 16, was very good on this subject. However, it is to be noted that Sandusky retired as a coach from Penn St. just after the investigation by Gricar. It would appear that it was investigated and to protect Penn St, it was a "quid pro quo" arrangment. If Sandusky retires, there will be no prosecution. His pension would be intact.

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