Wednesday, April 5, 2023

No mug shot, no problem: Trump creates his own

Donald J. Trump may not have an actual mug shot, but his campaign team was not going to miss an opportunity to raise money off his arrest with a ready-made meme: a $36 T-shirt bearing the former president’s face in a pretend booking photo, reported The New York Times.

The “Official Trump Mugshot White Cotton T-Shirt” shows Mr. Trump above a letter board that reads “President Donald J. Trump,” the numbers “45-47” — presumably signifying his status as the 45th and possible 47th president — and the date of his arraignment, above the words “NOT GUILTY.”

In a touch of Trumpian embellishment, his height on the chart behind him appears to tip past 6 feet 5 inches. (In 2016, his doctor listed him as 6 feet 3 inches.)

Mr. Trump’s campaign said it had raised $7 million since The New York Times broke the news of his indictment last Thursday. (Financial records corroborating the claim will not be available for weeks.) The news that Mr. Trump would be the first former American president to face criminal charges set off a flurry of fund-raising efforts by Democrats and Republicans alike.

The T-shirt appeared Tuesday on the website of Mr. Trump’s Save America Joint Fund-Raising Committee, whose proceeds go toward both his 2024 campaign committee and a separate committee known as Save America.

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