Monday, December 27, 2021

Kentucky task force recommends search warrant changes after Breonna Taylor's death

Breonna Taylor was killed by Louisville police using a “no-knock” warrant to enter her home last year. In the aftermath of her death the Kentucky’s Search Warrant Task Force has recommended increased training  for officers and a centralized electronic database that allows the public to track the number of warrants executed in each zip code, reported NPR.

These were among a series of measures the task force said would reinforce public safety. The recommendations also called for a prosecutor to approve proposed search warrants before the investigating agency seeks judicial authorization for the warrant. Officers should also consider the most appropriate time of day for executing a search.

In circumstances when a child may be impacted by a search warrant, child protective services should be notified. In addition, the report advised that the curriculum for law enforcement officers should include lessons on “accurately describing the property to be searched; developing and articulating probable cause; time limitations for probable cause and execution of warrants; officer and citizen safety concerns in execution of warrants; and proper documentation of an executed search warrant.”

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