Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Pennsylvania lawmakers approve bill giving adult victims of child sexual abuse more time to sue

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a bill that would allow older victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to seek legal redress, reported Manny Marotta on Jurist.
The legislation would lift a limitation for accusers over the age of 30 from seeking legal action for abuses suffered when they were children. The bill also lifts entirely the statute of limitations for criminal cases.
As a result of the revelation of new information regarding sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, several class action lawsuits have been filed in the past 12 months linking some members of Pennsylvania’s clergy to sexual abuse scandals. The amendment to the bill was drafted in part due to a 900-page grand jury report which outlines in detail alleged atrocities committed by Pennsylvania priests.
The bill also opens a two-year window for past victims to bring civil suits.
The House voted 173-21 to give final approval to the bill, which now moves back to the Senate.
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