Monday, January 29, 2018

The unlikely GOP war on G-men

President Donald Trump called himself the “law and order” candidate. Members of law enforcement, Trump said, were the “most mistreated people” in America, and it was time to give them their power back.  “We’re going to support you like you’ve never been supported before,” he said in a speech last year. “We love our police and law enforcement ― God Bless them all!” he tweeted last month.
FBI agents aren’t feeling the love these days, reported The Huffington Post.
Call it the war on G-men. As they’ve run interference for Trump by undermining the special counsel investigation being led by Robert Mueller, some Republicans on Capitol Hill have unleashed broad attacks that suggest the nation’s premier law enforcement agency is tainted by corruption and malfeasance.
They’ve latched onto a text showing a FBI official joking about a “secret society,” and suggested there was a “deep state” plot to “subvert the will of the American people.” They’ve compared the actions of U.S. law enforcement officers to the KGB, and said they have a secret memo ― written by Republican staffers ― proving “shocking,” “sickening,” “jaw-dropping” law enforcement conduct that was “worse than Watergate.”
When the Department of Justice said a tech issue meant that some text messages between two FBI employees who were lovers were missing, some Republicans smelled a coverup and saw a conspiracy afoot. “This is like the dog ate my homework, the excuse they give,” Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said on Fox News. “This is something that just should not take place.”
Trump called the the missing texts “one of the biggest stories in a long time.” And then the texts were recovered.
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