Friday, May 6, 2011

Status Conference for 11-year-old Alleged Killer

Lawrence County Judge Dominick Motto scheduled a status conference with Pennsylvania Attorney General and defense counsel representing Jordan Brown. The conference is scheduled for June 8, according to the New Castle News.

Brown was charged with the murder of his father’s pregnant girlfriend. It is alleged that Brown, 11-years-old at the time, shot Kenzie Houk in the head with a shot gun while she slept.

Brown was charged as an adult. If convicted of first degree murder he faces life in prison. He would be the youngest person in the United States ever sentenced to life. In March, the Pennsylvania Superior Court sent his case back to the Court of Common Pleas to reconsider whether Brown should be transferred to juvenile court.

The status conference will explore if the AG and defense counsel have reached any agreement on the transfer issue. The court will determine if a full hearing is needed to resolve Brown’s request for transfer to juvenile court. The court will also determine if the parties can agree upon the use of some or all testimony previously presented or if either or both sides want to present additional testimony.

Brown remains in a juvenile detention center.

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