Thursday, May 19, 2011

Justice Thomas: 'A Disease of Illiteracy of Laziness'

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas took on the "cynics" who demonize those with opposite opinions during a speech at the Augusta, GA Bar Association's Law Day Banquet.

Justice Thomas did not hold back when he said that it often appears those talking about the decisions of the Supreme Court appear to have never read the cases. Thomas said, "I think there is a disease of illiteracy or laziness, because just the commentary will tell you they haven't read it," reported the Augusta Chronicle.

Thomas used a college football metaphor, in the heart of SEC country, to get his point across--those who talk about the court have already picked their team. "You don't go to a Georgia fan to get commentary on the University of Florida, because it's not objective commentary," reported the Chronicle.

"Unfortunately, much of the commentary about the court is from the standpoint of people who have vested interests in particular outcomes, particular policies or particular results. Do you think you are getting an honest assessment?" According to the Chronicle,he said he avoids reading that type of work, but lamented that the public and most lawyers probably do not.

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