Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Leading crime academics take issue wiith Trump administration's rejection of science

In an unusual move, the American Society of Criminology (ASC), the nation’s leading academic organization in the field, has taken a shot at the administration of President Donald Trump, wrote Ted Gest for The Crime Report. The ASC’s executive board issued a statement declaring that his administration’s early actions and assertions on criminal justice “demonstrate an incongruity between administrative policy efforts and well-established science about the causes and consequences of crime.”
ASC leaders have made suggestions to previous administrations but not in recent memory has the group issued a broad criticism of a U.S. president. The group’s board said it is “concerned by the actions of the Trump administration in its dissemination of misinformation and development of uninformed policy initiatives. Not only are these initiatives unscientific, they are likely to engender further cynicism about and discontent with the criminal justice system that is harmful to citizens, to members of law enforcement, and to other sources of social control.”
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