Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Police ambushes on the rise

A total of 10 officers have been killed in premeditated ambushes so far this year, the same as the last two years combined, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Police assassins have included a ragtag smattering of white survivalists, black militants, people who identify with the antigovernment “sovereign citizen” movement, hard-core criminals who have clashed with law enforcement for much their lives, and a variety of apparently suicidal people who wanted to depart with notoriety.
In both of the most recent ambush attacks against police — in Dallas, where five officers were stalked and killed and nine others were injured in July, and 10 days later in Baton Rouge, where six officers were shot, three of them fatally — the killer was African American.
Although most police shooters are white males, including Latinos, black men have been responsible for nearly 40% of the 232 ambush killings of police officers since 2002, according to a U.S. Department of Justice study last year.
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