Sunday, March 1, 2015

Florida about to authorize concelaed weapons on college campuses

Florida legislature poised to pass a gun bill that no one wants--except the NRA. A bill in the Florida legislature to allow the carrying of guns on campus is opposed by all 12 Florida university presidents and all 12 university police chiefs. It is a proposal many college students and faculty members say will make them feel unsafe. It is a proposal that defies common sense, unless you're a member of the Republican-led Florida Legislature and want to run for re-election with an A-plus rating from the National Rifle Association, says the Sun-Sentinel in an editorial.

And largely for that reason, a bill to let people carry concealed weapons on college campuses stands an excellent chance of becoming law after the legislative session begins next week. (A dozen other state legislatures are considering similar bills, shepherded by the NRA.) The Sun-Sentinel says, "Countless reasons exist why this bill doesn't make sense. But where guns are concerned, reason often doesn't matter in Florida."

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