Sunday, March 15, 2015

Alabama House opts for the electric chair

The  Alabama House of Representatives voted to keep execution drug suppliers' names secret and to bring back the use of the electric chair when chemicals for lethal injection are not available, reported Jurist. The members of the House added the drug suppliers secrecy section to a bill that is currently under debate.
The bill would allow the use of the electric chair in the state whenever the state is unable to acquire lethal injection drugs or if the execution method is deemed unconstitutional. Representative Lynn Greer said that Alabama and other states are having issues acquiring the drugs because pharmacies fear lawsuits from death penalty opponents. However, there was some opposition to the provision, as representative Chris England stated that drug purchases are public record and the state has no authority to hide this information from the public.
The members passed the bill by a vote of 76-26, sending it now to the Alabama Senate.
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