Monday, July 22, 2013

Zimmerman wants to be a lawyer, maybe

After his acquittal on murder charges George Zimmerman may go to law school to help people wrongly accused of crimes a close friends told Reuters.

"Everybody said he was a cop-wannabe but he's interested in law," Leanne Benjamin said. "He sees it as a potential path forward to help other people like himself."

Over dinner with Zimmerman recently, Benjamin said he told them he would like to go to law school.
"I'd like to help other people like me," she quoted him as telling them."

Never mind that Zimmerman had a GPA that hovered at just above 2.0 at Seminole State Community College where he failed to even earn an associates degree.

Zimmerman's attorney believes it. "He has a real interest in the law and ... prosecuting appropriately - not like what he got - is something he's very interested in. I will not be surprised if he ends up in criminal law," Attorney Mark O'Mara said. "His dad was a judge, and he wants to be a prosecutor or a lawyer."

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