Saturday, February 12, 2011

PA House Closes Megan's Law Loopholes

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee State Representative Ron Marsico a Republican announced in a press release that legislation to amend Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law passed the House of Representatives this week.

“We had bipartisan support for these bills last session, and it was truly unfortunate that this legislation was eventually vetoed by Governor Ed Rendell. It is worth noting that Republican legislators attached the Megan's Law amendments to the Castle Doctrine legislation which was the reason for Rendell's veto.

The legislation to close the Megan’s Law loopholes was put on a fast track in Pennsylvania. The law did not provide a penalty for out-of-state sex offenders who where were lifetime registrants who did not register upon moving to Pennsylvania. The state unknowingly became a safe haven for serious sex offenders. “Needless to say, I am thrilled that this legislation received the support it deserved. Obviously, nothing is more important than protecting the children in our Commonwealth, said Marsico”

The legislation passed in the House would change and significantly strengthen Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law. House Bill 68, would include the requirement for sex offenders without a residence to register every 30 days with the Pennsylvania State Police as transients. House Bill 75,would provide for specific criminal sentences for sex offenders who fail to comply with registration requirements.

Marsico said, “We need to continue to do all that we can to combat sexual predators who stalk our loved ones.” The bill now goes to the state senate. House Bill 75 passed by a vote of 197-1, while House Bill 68 passed by a vote of 198-0.

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