Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GOP Congress Wants Further Crime Fighting Cuts

Is Public Safety At Risk?

An ominous sign of further reductions in local law enforcement was revealed by GOP congressional leaders. With many local police departments facing lay-offs or at least hiring freezes, The Crime Report is reporting the House Appropriations Committee issued a proposal calling for even deeper cuts in criminal justice programs and federal agencies across the board. Among the new proposals are a $581.3 million reduction in state and local law enforcement grant programs, $191 million from juvenile justice aid, and elimination of the COPS hiring program and the Weed and Seed program.

Deep cuts in federal crime fighting resources could have a devastating effect on crime rates in states and municipalities already struggling with budget deficits. In places like Oakland, CA and Newark, NJ further reduction in criminal justice resources could have a huge impact on quality of life issues.

Will the budget squeeze and resulting service reductions cause a reversal in the declining crime rates that many policy makers are taking for granted? Only time, and thousands of additional victims, will tell.

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