Thursday, December 23, 2010

Philadelphia Strangler: Serial Killer on the Loose

There is a serial killer prowling the streets of Philadelphia. Kensington, once a middle-class neighborhood of row homes, a few miles northeast of downtown has evolved into high-crime area cluttered with open-air drugs and prostitution, and apparently the preferred location of a serial killer, according to CBS News.

One man has now been linked to three killing. Emotions are running high in Philadelphia, fueled in part by comments from Mayor Michael Nutter. He asked the public to help get this "psycho" off the streets.

Residents of Kensington, who once severely beat a suspected rapist based on a police sketch, have taken matters into their own hands. According to CBS, they are outraged and have posted hundreds of comments and theories about the ongoing case on a Facebook page titled "Catch the Kensington Strangler, before he catches someone you love."

One post falsely identified a suspect, which led to an infuriated crowd outside the man's home. Police arrived at the man's home moments later and stressed that residents should call authorities instead of becoming vigilantes, reported CBS News.

"We will not tolerate anyone taking vigilante action," Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey warned. "If you see someone suspicious, call 911. We will get there. We will handle," reported CBS.

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