Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Hampshire Panel Votes to Keep Death Penalty

A New Hampshire commission tasked with studying the death penalty voted to continue capital punishment in the granite state.

The commission's was comprised of 22 members. Twelve voted to retain the death penalty and 10 to abolish it, according to the Concord Monitor. Reports from the majority and minority which outline their respective arguments and findings were also made public.

The commission, which was created by the Legislature last year, included legislators, lawyers, police officers and family members of victims, appointed by different organizations and branches of government.

A number of commission members discussed the reasoning behind their vote with the Monitor. The article is actually filled with a lot of anecdotal information-like a story from a states attorney who once represented a guy who told him he didn't a kill a police officer because he was afraid of the death penalty. Not exactly evidence-based practices.

The reports are available online. You can read the full article at

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