Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ohio Man's Execution Scheduled for Tuesday

If Carried Out Ohio Will Be Responsible for 7 out of 34 Executions Nationwide this Year

Roderick Davie is scheduled for execution on Tuesday at Ohio's Lucasville Prison. His last hope, Governor Ted Strickland's intervention, is unlikely. Davies will be the 7th person executed in Ohio this year. With executions scheduled every month through November, Ohio is on record pace for executions.

In 1991, Davie walked into a Veterinary Companies of America store in Warren, Ohio where he’d been recently fired, and ordered John I. Coleman, Tracey Jefferys and William Everett, all former co-workers, to lie face-down on the floor.

Everett, who survived, was shot in the back of his head, shoulder and left arm. He remained conscious through out the attack. Coleman was killed execution-style with five gunshots.

Jefferys attempted to escape, but Davie brought her back at gunpoint. After firing his last bullet into Coleman, Davie beat Jefferys to death with a metal chair on which police later found Davie’s fingerprints in Jefferys’ blood.

The Ohio Parole Board voted unanimously to refuse clemency for Davie. The board cited the brutality of the murders, the fact that their were multiple killings and an no apparent errors in the legal process. Although Governor Strickland could still grant clemency to Davie, it's unlikely in light of the boards action.

Davie refused to participate in the clemency proceeding. Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins told the Youngstown Vindicator, “This is an example of why you need the death penalty,” the prosecutor called Davie an “unabashed psychopath.”

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