Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Congressman Calls for Execution of Wiki Leaker

Army Spec. Bradley Manning was arrested last month after allegedly disclosing classified information to people not authorized to receive it and obtaining "more than 150,000 diplomatic cables" from the State Department. He was removed from Kuwait and is being held by the Army in Quantico, Virginia.

He is alleged to have posted classified information on the website wikileaks. The site publishes leaked documents that are intended to shed light on government and corporate misconduct. Postings are to remain anonymous.

He is charged with two counts of violating the UCMJ, one related to loading onto his own unsecured computer a set of information and adding unauthorized software to a military network computer, and the other related to accessing and passing information onto someone not entitled to have it.

Manning is not charged with treason. Republican Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan told a radio station on Monday that he believes that he should be charged with treason.

Rodgers goes a step further and suggests that Manning ultimately should to be executed. When the WHMI interviewer suggested that treason in war is a capital crime, Rogers replied: "Yes, and I would have absolutely, I would support it 100 percent. He put soldiers at risk who are out there fighting for their country, and he put people who are cooperating with the United States government clearly at risk."

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