Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Dramatic decline in homicides revealed for first part of 2023

The United States may be experiencing one of the largest annual percent changes in murder ever recorded, according to my preliminary data, reports The Atlantic. It is still early in the year and the trend could change over the second half of the year, but data from a sufficiently large sample of big cities have typically been a good predictor of the year-end national change in murder, even after only five months.

Murder is down about 12 percent year-to-date in more than 90 cities that have released data for 2023, compared with data as of the same date in 2022. Big cities tend to slightly amplify the national trend—a 5 percent decline in murder rates in big cities would likely translate to a smaller decline nationally. But even so, the drop shown in the preliminary data is astonishing.

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