Friday, July 3, 2020

Court allows bombshell book by President's niece to be published

A New York court lifted a temporary restraining order against the publication of a book by President Trump’s niece, Too Much and Never Enough, enabling publisher Simon & Schuster to continue printing and distributing the explosive insider account by Mary L. Trump, reported The Washington Post.
President Trump’s brother, Robert, filed a petition last week asking that Mary Trump and the publisher be prevented from publishing the book, citing a confidentiality agreement signed by Mary Trump two decades ago as part of a settlement in an inheritance dispute.
A state Supreme Court judge agreed to impose the restraining order to allow the parties to present their arguments next week, raising doubts about whether it would be published.
However, the Supreme Court’s appellate division lifted the restraining order that had been imposed on Simon & Schuster, while leaving in place the one regarding Mary Trump. That effectively enables the publisher to continue distributing copies of the book in preparation for the planned July 28 publication, even as the overall merits of the case are argued.
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