Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mangino interviewed on WKBN-TV regarding Safe Haven Law

“Even if you don’t know you’re pregnant and you give birth to a child, you have a responsibility for that child’s care and safety,” said Attorney Matt Mangino. “If you don’t do that, ultimately, you’re gonna be held criminally liable for it.”
Mangino was the district attorney for Lawrence County when Pennsylvania adopted so-called “Safe Haven” laws, which allow parents to leave their newborns with hospital workers or police if they can’t care for the baby on their own.
He said parents can drop off children at hospitals or police stations with no questions asked, as long as they’re under 28 days old.
“There’s no effort to try to trace who the parents of the child are,” he said.
Mangino said even if Robinson’s baby died of natural causes, she should have called for help.
To watch the interview CLICK HERE

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