Sunday, June 4, 2017

Why America needs a death penalty . . .

An Florida inmate is a glowing example of why America needs a death penalty.  He is accused of violently killing his cellmate at Florida Correctional Institution.
Shawn Rogers, 36, already serving a life sentence, is accused of killing cellmate Ricky Dean Martin of North Naples in the pair's shared cell on March 30, 2012, reported the Pensacola News Journal.
Rogers tied Martin's hands and feet before cutting, raping and beating him until officers found Martin in a pool of blood in the cell, according to court documents. He died in the following days after being taken off life support at a local hospital.
The state filed first-degree murder charges against Rogers after Martin's death and sought the death penalty, but prosecutors dropped the case through a nolle prosequi filing in January when the state's death penalty laws were unclear. A nolle prosequi filing means the case is dismissed, but it doesn't prohibit the state from again seeking prosecution in the future.
State Attorney Bill Eddins said at the time that Rogers' case was unique because he was already serving a life sentence for armed robbery. Prosecutors could drop charges to wait out a law change because there was no chance of Rogers walking free in the interim, Eddins said.
In March, lawmakers ironed out the death penalty law, which now mandates jurors unanimously recommend imposing the death penalty as opposed to the previously required 10-2 decision.
How many inmates or staff members should Rogers be permitted kill before he surrenders his own life?
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