Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ninety-one percent of cop-killers get life or death penalty, GOP wants law to be tougher

After a rise in the number of police officers murdered last year, the Trump administration and some Republicans in Congress are pushing for tougher punishments for those convicted of killing police, including the death penalty, reported the Wall Street Journal.
This seems like another instance where politicians can flex their “tough on crime” muscles and implement something that will be big news, but have little impact.
In Pennsylvania, as in most states, killing a police officer is a factor in seeking the death penalty.
The push to boost punishment for cop-killers ignores the fact that 91 percent of those defendants in the past five years already were sentenced to death or life in prison, for their crimes. Either that or they were killed in the incidents in which they took an officer’s life.
Those who kill police officers are not treated leniently, and rightfully so.  Don’t use their heroic deaths to gain some political points.

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