Monday, August 15, 2016

Why the uptick in homicide in some big cities? More young people

Is there an explanation for the uptick in homicides in America’s biggest cities? 

According to the Center for Public Integrity one explanation may be more young people.   Criminologists have traditionally argued that ages 15-24 are the crime-prone years, and the number of people in that age cohort has fluctuated over recent history. There were 42 million of them in 1980, when violent crime was rising, but the total was down to 38 million by 1990; crime started to ebb just a few years later, aided by the end of the crack epidemic. However, the number of 15-24-year-olds jumped to 44 million by 2012, and has stayed relatively close to that number since. When it comes to crime, perhaps demography is destiny. And there’s not much any politician can do about that.

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I read an earlier blog of yours regarding pleas. In it, you stated that 97% of all cases end in plea deals. Do you know in the 3% that go to trial what the outcome percentage is? I'm working on a paper. Thanks! Don

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