Friday, March 4, 2016

Trump: 'Lethal injection too comfortable'

Under President Donald Trump people will still be sentenced to die for capital offenses. In the America We Deserve, Trump had a lot to say about “criminals who pray on innocent people,” whom he also compared to Hitler, according to Thinkprogress:
"Would it have been civilized to put Hitler in prison? No-it would have been an affront to civilization. The same is true of criminals who prey on innocent people. They have declared war on civilization. I don’t care if the victim is a CEO or a floor sweeper. A life is a life, and if you criminally take an innocent life you’d better be prepared to forfeit your own. My only complaint is that lethal injection is too comfortable a way to go," Trump ranted.
While support for capital punishment has plummeted in recent years, Trump is still a staunch proponent of it. Back in December, he announced that anyone who kills a police officer will be sentenced to die. His statement earned an endorsement from the New England Police Benevolent Association, an officer union that boasts 5,000 members.
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