Friday, June 5, 2015

Nevada abolishes juvenile life without parole

Nevada recently became the 13th state to abolish life-without-parole sentences for those under 18 after Gov. Brian Sandoval signed Assembly Bill 267 into law.
The legislation eliminates the option of sentencing youth to life without parole, which has been a growing trend across the country in recent years, according to the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, a nonprofit advocating for the issue and based in Washington, D.C.
An estimated 12 people in Nevada will be directly impacted by the new law and will become eligible for parole once the legislation goes into effect Oct. 1, said James Dold, advocacy director for the campaign. The campaign worked closely with Hambrick on the bill and some of its members testified in support of the measure. The number of people affected could go up as the law is implemented.
“Finally, Nevada law has caught up and recognizes that children are different than adults and those differences need to be taken into account,” Dold said.
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