Sunday, February 1, 2015

Texas executes killer who killed before

The 6th Execution of 2015
Texas death row inmate Robert Ladd man was executed on January 29, 2015 for the killing a 38-year-old woman nearly two decades ago while he was on parole for a triple slaying years earlier.
Ladd received a lethal injection after the US Supreme Court rejected arguments he was mentally impaired and ineligible for the death penalty, reported The Associated Press
The court also rejected an appeal in which Ladd's attorney challenged whether the pentobarbital Texas uses in executions is potent enough to not cause unconstitutional pain and suffering.
Ladd was put to death for the 1996 slaying of Vicki Ann Garner, of Tyler, who was strangled and beaten with a hammer. Her arms and legs were bound, bedding was placed between her legs, and she was set on fire in her apartment.
In his final statement, Ladd addressed the sister of his victim by name, telling her he was 'really, really sorry.'
'I really, really hope and pray you don't have hatred in your heart,' he said, adding that he didn't think she could have closure but hoped she could find peace. 'A revenge death won't get you anything,' he said.
Then Ladd told the warden: 'Let's ride.'
As the drug took effect, he said: 'Stings my arm, man!' He began taking deep breaths, then started snoring. His snores became breaths, each one becoming less pronounced, before he stopped all movement.
When he was arrested for Garner's slaying, Ladd had been on parole for about four years after serving about a third of a 40-year prison term for the slayings of a Dallas woman and her two children. He pleaded guilty to those crimes.

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