Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Missouri carries out its first execution of 2015

The 8th Execution of 2015
Walter Timothy Storey convicted of breaking into his neighbor's home in a St. Louis suburb and slitting her throat was the first Missouri inmate put to death this year after a record 10 executions in 2014, reported The Associated Press.
His fate was sealed when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to halt the execution over concerns about Missouri's secretive process for obtaining and using the lethal injection drug pentobarbital.
Strapped to the gurney, Storey mouthed what appeared to be "I love you" to his witnesses and the family of the victim, Jill Frey. A few seconds later, he began to start chanting something.
Moments after the drug was administered at 12:01 a.m. on February 11, 2015, he stopped suddenly and heaved one deep final breath. He was pronounced dead at 12:10.
Jeff Frey, the victim's brother, said the "sad and devastating ordeal" of the killing and the protracted court delays took a toll on the family. He said the execution "brings a sense of closure to a part of this unspeakable tragedy in our lives. It will not bring Jill back, nor will it ever lessen the pain and suffering we go through every day."
Storey was sentenced to death three separate times in the same case. He was living with his mother in a St. Charles apartment on Feb. 2, 1990, when he became upset over his pending divorce. He spent an angry night drinking beer.
He ran out of beer and money, so he decided to break into the neighboring apartment of Frey to steal money for more beer.
Frey, a 36-year-old special education teacher, had left the sliding glass door of her balcony open. Storey climbed the balcony and confronted Frey in her bedroom, where he beat her. Frey suffered six broken ribs and severe wounds to her head and face.
Storey used a kitchen knife to slit her throat so deeply that her spine was damaged. Frey died of blood loss and asphyxiation.
Storey left the body and returned the next day to clean up blood, throw clothes in a trash bin and scrub Frey's fingernails to remove any traces of his skin.
But he missed a key piece of evidence: blood on a dresser.
Storey was tried again in 1997, and sentenced again to death. That conviction was also overturned, this time over a procedural error by the judge. Storey was sentenced to death a third time in 1999.
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