Wednesday, December 25, 2013

President Kennedy's Christmas Message of Peace

Every year, the President of the United States delivers a Christmas message. I selected an excerpt from one of my favorite Christmas messages--Merry Christmas.

President John F. Kennedy, 1962

With the Cuban Missile Crisis fresh in everyone's mind, President Kennedy reminds Americans of the gift of peace:

“It is the day when we remind ourselves that man can and must live in peace with his neighbors and that it is the peacemakers who are truly blessed. In this year of 1962 we greet each other at Christmas with some special sense of the blessings of peace. This has been a year of peril when the peace has been sorely threatened. But it has been a year when peril was faced and when reason ruled. As a result, we may talk, at this Christmas, just a little bit more confidently of peace on earth, good will to men. As a result, the hopes of the American people are perhaps a little higher. We have much yet to do. We still need to ask that God bless everyone.”

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