Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kasich stays execution of mentally ill inmate

Ohio Gov. John Kasich granted a two-week stay of execution for a man convicted of shooting his wife and brother-in-law in a courthouse 20 years ago. The execution is rescheduled for June 20.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Abdul Awkal was scheduled to face execution by lethal injection at a prison in Lucasville today. He arrived at the prison Tuesday evening, however, the reprieve was granted before he could be served his last meal.

According to UPI, Awkal's lawyers argued their client is mentally ill and unaware of his punishment, and thus cannot be executed. In the motion filed to stay the execution, they said Awkal believes himself to be working with the CIA in the war on terror, and the agency is executing him because it is unhappy with him.

Prosecutors counter Awkal is a known liar, who has acknowledged his death sentence to mental health professionals in the past, proving he is aware of his punishment.

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