Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Miami Fourloughs 5% of Police Force

Miami-Dade County has furloughed 118 police officers. Police Department Director Jim Loftus told the Miami Herald that the layoffs have created what he called a “crisis.”

“This is a big hit for us. It hurts in every possible way, but we will find a way to get through this for the betterment of the people we serve. That’s our focus,” Loftus told the Herald.

The layoffs represent roughly 5 percent of the department’s workforce of 2,000 officers. In addition to the 118 layoffs, there were 41 demotions, including some officers moved to public safety aides or other administrative roles.

Miami has the 10th largest police department in America.  New York City is number one with nearly 40,000 police officers. Miami's violent crime rate was the 13-highest in the nation.

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