Saturday, December 3, 2011

Penn State: Sandusky Speaks...Again

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, in his first extended interview since his indictment on sexual abuse charges last month, talked with Jo Becker of The New York Times. Sandusky spoke with Bob Costas of NBC Sports several weeks ago.

Apparently, Sandusky participated in both interviews with the consent and participation of his attorney Joe Amendola. "All those good things that you were doing have been turned around,” Amendola told the Times.  He continued, “and the people who are painting you as a monster are saying, ‘Well, they’re the types of things that people who are pedophiles exhibit.’ ”

At a minimum this is an unorthodox approach to defending very serious charges that could theoretically result in the 67-year-old Sandusky spending the rest of his life in prison.  In the end, we are all judged by one thing--the result.  Amendola's defense strategy for Sandusky will either make the lawyer famous or infamous.
Some of the interview highlights include: Sandusky admits that he bought gifts for many children, had sleep-overs, showered with and slept in the same bedroom with young boys.  He also said Coach Joe Paterno never spoke to him about any suspected misconduct with minors, his work with the Second Mile charity was never restricted and he was subdued at times when talking about the Penn State sex scandal and cover-up.

Read Jo Becker's New York Times interview here.

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