Saturday, December 3, 2011

PA: Law Enforcement Needs to Share Abuse Information

Pennsylvania lawmakers plan to introduce legislation that would require police to be immediately notified of suspects who are captured in law-enforcement databases that track online downloading of child pornography, reported The Associated Press.

Advocates said this week that the idea stems from the Penn State sex scandal and cover-up, and allegations that suggest sex abuse of a child witnessed by a university employee was never reported to the police.  However, there is no known connection between child pornography and the Penn State case.

The federal Department of Justice is required to share the database with states. The bill would require the attorney general's office to share the information with police and mandate dedicated state aid for task forces to investigate.

Camille Cooper of the National Association to Protect Children says that few states provide money for Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces to investigate leads in the databases, reported The Associated Press.

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