Thursday, October 6, 2011

Violent Crime Falls in Pennsylvania to Lowest Point in 8 Years

Murder was Up Slightly in 2010
Overall crime in Pennsylvania fell last year, led by an even steeper drop in violent crime, according to the Associated Press.

The Pennsylvania State Police annual Uniform Crime Report listed 932,000 reported crimes in 2010, down from 957,000 the prior year, a drop of 2.6 percent. Violent crime fell 3.6 percent, from 48,000 to 46,000, the lowest level in eight years.

Murders were up slightly, from 651 to 657, and there were also increases in burglaries and hate crimes, reported the Associated Press.
Forceable rapes were down 4.6 percent, car thefts down 6.6 percent, arsons down 9.2 percent, and assaults on police officers down 11.7 percent.

The Associated Press reported that there were 53,000 driving under the influence arrests, a 4 percent decline. Men accounted for more than three out of four of those arrests.

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