Thursday, October 20, 2011

Minnesota: Crime Rates in Question

A new survey reveals that a significant proportion of crime in Minnesota goes unreported. Crime is reportedly down, but the results make it clear that the police record is incomplete, according to Minnesota Public Radio.
In a survey of 6,000 Minnesotans, respondents listed numerous crimes that they didn't report to police, including sexual assaults, domestic violence and burglaries. Women had the highest rates of unreported crimes in the survey.
Unreported crime isn't new, reported Minnesota Public Radio. Although the survey indicates crime rates that contrast the official numbers which show reported crime are down, it does not indicate rates of unreported crime that are dramatically different from past surveys.
Preliminary state 2010 crime victim survey numbers show:
Twelve percent of Minnesotans reported being stalked. Of those, 19 percent reported the activity to police.
Among those surveyed, 75 percent who were victims of aggravated assault or a "stickup" or a robbery reported the incident, one in four did not.
Overall, however, Minnesota's reported crime rate in 2010 was down nearly 3 percent from the year before.  Falling crime rates and unreported crime leads one to ask--are falling rates as depicted in the Uniform Crime Report and the National Crime Victimization Survey giving us an accurate picture of crime in the United States.

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