Monday, August 15, 2011

In Brazilian Prison: Escape and 'the' Goose is Cooked

As prisons have become more crowded and budgets have gotten tighter—prison officials nationwide are looking for better, more cost efficient ways of doing things. However, no prison in America, at least as far as I know, has taken the extreme measure of incorporating water fowl into prison surveillance efforts.

An overcrowded prison in northeastern Brazil has added a new layer of security against escapes: two geese, reported the Associated Press.

Sobral prison warden Wellington Picanco tells the G1 news website the geese make a lot of noise when they sense "strange movements." He says the geese roaming the prison grounds also will help alert guards to the outbreak of violence among rival gangs at the overcrowded facility. The prison was built to hold 153 inmates. It currently holds 255.

These unstable economic times have fostered a lot of bizarre law and order proposals. Fortunately, in American geese remain the hunted not the hunters.

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