Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wisconsin's Uncivil Court

Justices involved in a Physical Altercation

Temperament is always a consideration when selecting a judge. That almost seems a given when talking about a position like supreme court justice. The thought of a robbed justice in an ornate chamber. Words like regal. honorable come to mind. Not in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has accused fellow Justice David Prosser of putting her in a chokehold during a dispute in her office earlier this month.

"The facts are that I was demanding that he get out of my office and he put his hands around my neck in anger in a chokehold," Bradley told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Six of the court's seven justices had gathered in Bradley's chambers. Some were informally discussing the decision.

The conversation grew heated, and Bradley asked Prosser to leave. Bradley was bothered by disparaging remarks Prosser had made about the Chief Justice Shirley reported the Journal Sentinel.

Before leaving, Prosser "put his hands around her neck in what (Bradley) described as a chokehold," the source told the newapaper.

"He did not exert any pressure, but his hands were around her neck," the source told the Journal Sentinel.

The source said the act "was in no way playful."

In an interview, Bradley told the Journal Sentinel: "You can try to spin those facts and try to make it sound like I ran up to him and threw my neck into his hands, but that's only spin."

"Matters of abusive behavior in the workplace aren't resolved by competing press releases. I'm confident the appropriate authorities will conduct a thorough investigation of this incident involving abusive behavior in the workplace."

To read more: http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/124546064.html

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