Sunday, July 4, 2010

Only 1 in 10 Would Pay Higher Taxes to Fund Prisons

As state lawmakers across the country continue to slash programs and services it is important to take a look at what citizens think about taxes and services. A survey conducted earlier this year by the Public Policy Institute of California, found that Californians want to cut prison spending and spare schools funding.

When asked which of the four main areas of state spending they would most want to protect from budget cuts, 58 percent choose K–12 public education. Fewer choose health and human services (17%) or higher education (15%). Far fewer choose prisons and corrections (6%). Californians back up these views when asked if they would be willing to pay higher taxes to maintain current funding for these areas:

•K–12 public education: 66 percent yes, 32 percent no
•Higher education: 50 percent yes, 48 percent no
•Health and human services: 50 percent yes, 47 percent no
•Prisons and corrections: 11 percent yes, 87 percent no

Two out of three people would pay more taxes to fund education and only 1 in 10 would pay more for prison spending.

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