Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Report analyzes recidivism rate of paroled juvenile lifers in Pennsylvania

A report released by Montclair University, Resentencing of Juvenile Lifers: The Philadelphia Experience, examined the recidivism rate of prior juvenile lifers now on parole.
In terms of risk to public safety, juvenile lifers can be considered low-impact releases. The   analyzed data from 174  releases  and  as  of  December  2019,  only 3.45 percent (n=6) have been re-arrested. Four cases were dismissed. The other two cases resulted in convictions, one for Contempt for Violation of Order of Agreement and one for Robbery, yielding a reconviction rate of 1.14 percent. The remaining 168 individuals (96.5 percent) have been living in the community for an average of 21 months (as of December 2019) without any known law enforcement contacts. In comparison, among persons convicted of homicide offenses nationally, an estimated 30 percent are rearrested within two years of release, a rate that is 8.72 times higher than that of juvenile lifers released in Philadelphia.
To read the full report CLICK HERE

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