Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What's in your fitbit? Mangino answers the question on WFMJ-TV21

Watch my interview on WFMJ-TV21 regarding the use of fitness data recorders to investigate your activity.  To watch the interview CLICK HERE

'What's in your fitbit?'

YOUNGSTOWN, OH-Tracking each step has helped millions of Americans work towards reaching their fitness goals.  But the wearable technology has some other uses that you need to know about.

Amy, a busy mom with four children, uses technology that helps her reach fitness goals. She credits her Fitbit with helping her lose weight over the past year. Her Fitbit tracks every step, including stairs, heart rate, provides reminders to go to sleep, and tracks when she sleeps. It even notifies Amy about who is texting or calling her.

Many people are unaware that police and attorneys have also used the data from Fitbit and tracking devices to track the truth.
In Pennsylvania, detectives in East Lampeter used data from a Fitbit device to prove a woman fibbed when she claimed someone broke into the house and raped her. The district attorney used data to show she was actually walking around allegedly staging a crime scene, at the time she claimed, she had been sleeping.

Attorney Matthew Mangino with LGKG Law Firm in New Castle says user beware. Mangino said, "Police can come back later with a search warrant, or a civil trial attorney can get a subpoena and get access to your information and use your history against you."

He points out if you are wrongly accused the technology could help clear you. Or if you are injured in an accident or on the job the information could show how active you were prior to that accident.  Attorney Mangino said, "Obviously if you lie you might be exposed, but if you are telling the truth, you might also have documentation to your truthful assertion."

Tracking device company’s state information is confidential, however laws require companies to comply with subpoenas and court orders.

Amy, who loves how her Fitbit helps her reach fitness goals, told 21 News that she will continue to use the technology, and emphasized one should not have problems if they're honest.

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