Thursday, December 4, 2014

Man with drunk attorney faces execution in Georgia

Robert Wayne Holsey is scheduled to be executed in Georgia on December 9, 2014 for killing a deputy sheriff in 1995. Holsey has a clemency hearing on December 8, according to WABE-FM in Atlanta.
According to Holsey’s current attorney, Brian Kammer, Holsey's trial attorney, Andy Prince was an alcoholic. Prince's alcoholism made presenting any reasonable evidence to the jury impossible, especially during the sentencing phase.
“Since [Holsey] was a child, he tested of an IQ about 70. That puts [him] in the mild range of intellectual disability. You know, his teachers were available to testify he had incredible difficulty in school.”
Aside from that, Kammer says evidence would have shown what he calls “the horrific conditions” of Holsey’s childhood.
“The home where he lived in Milledgeville was known to the neighbors as the torture chamber because of the way they observed his mother to treat him, which was to beat him merciless.”
None of this evidence was presented during Holsey's original trial.
Andy Prince ultimately was disbarred for embezzling clients’ money and later would be indicted.
The night before Holsey's death penalty phase, Prince turned the case over to another lawyer who had no experience in capital punishment cases.
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